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EXTRAVAGANZA extended bio:

willy mal

is a pseudonym for Scott Holmquist, a conceptual artist and researcher.

Since the mid 1980's willy mal has been developing the idea of "deflective" media. An early piece was "Papal Rap" which was featured at the "Popening" in San Francisco, 1987, and the Progressive Film and Video Festival, Berkeley, 1987.

Since 2000, he's worked to promote and produce purely "deflective" media, including "exoptic fields" which has been marketed as an "art product for home use" a "video to end all videos" in the Utne Reader. The "exoptic fields" video was also featured at the November 2000 Transcinema art show at the Here Art Gallery, NYC.

Mal organized the "deflective art and media extravaganza" at the Chashama space in Times Square, NYC, that ran through January 2002 He has installed "deflective media" storefronts around Manhattan since Spring 2001. Other storefront commissions include those at "schikaneder" gallery-cafe in Vienna, Austria, opened 4 January 2002, and at "gallerythe.org" in Brooklyn, NY, opened 23 January through 7 March 2002.