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(Canadian tv reviews our project, October 2001!)

The blind eye project videos are designed to deflect the gaze away from the screen. We've produced two videos this way: preview

exoptic fields "The most advanced consumer product ever designed to deliberately un-consume." More below. more

blind heat writup
"film scouts" review

Video that deflects eyes from screens to bodies, producing hotter sex. The video deflects viewersŪ attention while it illuminates and intensifies physical passions: Be your own movie! (Contains no nudity or sexual acts.) Images and sound by Benton-C, one of New York's premiere live-cinema artists.

exoptic fields by age series

In development: videos designed to deflect rather than attract toddlers and children, 7-12 year olds, another for 12-18 year olds.

(Of course, for children and toddlers, no television is still better than even deflective tv.)


By reversing media's logic of attraction -- media's essential function -- these videos create a point of critical distance. This vantage is completely outside the flux and flow of the global media-sphere and transcends false dichotomies of "good-for-you," "educational" media and "bad," "sensational" media.

When presented as a gift, the videos become an exchange of ideas; the seeds of a new way to look at media itself. Passing a tape to someone else is the Highest Art of the blind eye projects and helps crack the ruling media logic.









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