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This may be the most advanced consumer product ever designed to deliberately un-consume.

By proposing to reverse media's logic of attraction, media's essential function, this video creates a point of critical distance. One that's completely outside the flux and flow of the nearly all encompassing global media-sphere surging with endless supplies of both "good" and "bad" media.

This is a "video to end all videos." The ultimate gift for your favorite couch potato. The back of the box says it all.

Why buy deflective video?
according to willy mal: "Because humanity's nonstop trip into the gleaming new world of perfectly attractive and infinitely varied media is rapidly accelerating. And there may be no turning back. Because to 'be here now' in the endless flow of media is to be lost. Because deflective media reverses conventional media logic. It catapults you out of the pleasureplex of media's warm and sweet bath up into the cool air high above the glimmering lights-at least for the length of the tape."

Never judge a video by its cover.
We made our "exoptic fields" pill-bottle cover design funny. But we're serious about what's inside. So serious that we applied key principles of visual-perception science to design the video's one-hour content. the science And to execute that design, we used state-of-the-art-imaging technology at New York City's digital media zone studios. We precede this high-fidelity video content with an elaborate short history of movie-images. See video preview.the preview

One hour of exoptic fields recorded on magnetic tape that playback as specific liquid surfaces, colors, luminance's, and forms, including a static brick wall, all arranged and set in motion precisely to deflect viewers' eyes from any surface upon which they appear. Includes an approx. one minute introduction and glimpse of movie-mediascape history which is preceeded by a radically improved FBI warning.


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