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Storefront windows are pre-tv, tv's, pre-movie, movie screens.

A storefront's random "audience" is easily surprised. And its physical contact beats most other "interactivity." Besides, is any urban "media" more widespread, stable and inexpensive?

times square, nyc

Thanks to the Chashama Theater Group of New York, blind eye projects has installed a window at 125 West 42nd Street. Blind eye projects also coordinated a performance and opened an art exhibition on the other side of the window installation.
(Jan 2002)

east village, nyc

The C-ya! Storefront was the first blind eye project window. The first version contained walls of the "exoptic fields" video. The current window is as seen in the second row of picture above right. Thanks to Benton-C Bainbridge for the space.
(May 2001)

vienna, austria
schikaneder cafe-cinema

The schikaneder cafe-cinema is one of the first movie houses in Vienna. It's window front gives onto its cafe-bar and margaretenstraŠe in the central city. Thanks to Austrian artist Hans Schabus for arranging the space. (Jan 2002)

brooklyn, ny gallerythe.org

is a storefront gallery dedicated to new media at Smith and Carrol Streets in Brooklyn. See the exhibit. (Feb 2002)

first window - east village, nyc
vienna, austria
east village, nyc
times square, nyc
times square, nyc
brooklyn, ny - exhibit

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