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The blind eye projects collaborators.
Among others, myself willy mal, Nice, France-based painter Nathalie Adamidi; New York-based real-cinema artist Benton-C Bainbridge; world famous graphic designer Bob Gill; New York based musician Joe Mendelsson, sound artist Gen Ken Montgomery, sculpture Steven Katz, and video animator and dmz production company master Eric Solstein. Also Oakland, CA-based video artist Matt Dibble. And most recently photographer and video-maker Jean-Philippe Baert, video-performer Naval Cassidy, filmmakers Abigail Child and Fritz Donnelly.

Times Sq. deflective art/media EXTRAVAGANZA Artist's extended Bio's:

Jean-Philippe Baert
e-mail : jpbaert@hotmail.com Exhibitions:
2002 january "Boxe", Maison des arts de créteil, Créteil. 2002 february "empreinte numerique, happening", Maison Populaire de Montreuil, Montreuil. 2002 february "Persistance", Young Artists International Exhibition, Paris.
Solo exhibits
2001 October "Ilots", happening, le grand cordel, Rennes 1999 April "Video landscape", Young Artists International Exhibition [Salon de la Jeune Peinture] (Paris) 1998 November "TV Output", OFF Month of Photography in Paris September "TV Time", National Institute for Audiovisual ("INA"), "Iconic College" Group at Inathèque (Paris) January "TV Journalists", National Institute for Audiovisual ("INA"), "Iconic College" Group at Inathèque (Paris) 1994 May "Politics and TV", Carré Seïta (Paris).
Group exhibits
2001 July "Humen" a francophone exhibition, Museum of Beaux-arts (Ottawa, Canada) May "No man’s land Video", Courant d’art, Élie de Brignac (Deauville) Galeries June "Made in mode", Area Galery (Paris) 2000 May "Elephant", Courant d’art, Élie de Brignac (Deauville) April "Fire", Young Artists International Exhibition" [Salon de la Jeune Peinture] (Paris) Galeries November "FLASH: Odell Barns and Pinochet", éof Galery (Paris) 1999 Museums June/November "Dolly", County Museum of Saint-Riquier Abbey (Somme) Art Exhibits April "War in Serbia", Young Artists International Exhibition" [Salon de la Jeune Peinture] (Paris) Galeries January/March "UFO" [OVNI], Area Galery (Paris)
Images, no. 41, June 1999, Paris Publication of 4 photographic tv imprints made from television journalists presenting the news at channels 1 and 3 ("TF1" and "France 3"). Mediology Notes, no. 6, November 1998, Gallimard, Paris. A Régis Debray directed publication. Publication of 1 photographic tv imprint made from a television journalist.
Laurent Boudier, "Ovni", Télérama Paris, no. 321, 10-16 February 1999, p. XIV. Pascale Tournier, "OVNI", VSD no. 1119, 4-10 February 1999, p. 92. Henri-François Debailleux, "Objets voyants non identifiés", Libération no. 5515, 10 February 1999, p. 37. Mathieu Dupond, "Art Extraterrestre", L’Express Le Magazine no. 2483, 4 February 1999, p. 54. François Vey, "Empreintes volées sur petit écran", VSD no. 1104, 22-28 October 1998, p. 89. Sophie B. Sollier, "La Passerelle de l’Impasse", Nova Magazine no. 35, November 1997, p. 32.

Benton-C Bainbridge
has been working in cinema & related media since 1983. For the past decade, Benton-C has approached cinema as a performable medium, making audio and video in realtime in a multitude of group and solo contexts. Currently, Bainbridge has become a partner in the "blind eye project." He collaborated with Scott Holmquist [aka, willy mal] in finding technical solutions in the production of "exoptic fields" and created the blind eye media's second production, "blind heat." Part of the blind eye projects. Even in his earliest Super-8 film work, Benton-C sought immediate means to create cinema, finding little satisfaction in single frame animation. Video offered a shorter feedback loop, as tape allowed for rehearsals and rapid refinements. In 1989, working with David Jones' unique A/V synthesis instruments at upstate New York's Experimental Television Center confirmed Bainbridge's belief that video is meant to be played, like a visual form of music. Like music, performed cinema is commonly a collaborative art form. During the '90s, Bainbridge co-founded the groups 77 Hz (with Jonathan 'Naval Cassidy' Giles, Philip R. Bonner, Michael Schell and Eric Schefter), The Poool (with Angie Eng and Nancy Meli Walker), and NNeng (with Nancy Meli Walker and Brian Moran) to perform improvised and composed video live on stage. Bainbridge has worked with DanceKumikoKimoto, Ikue Mori, Abigail Child, Maria Beatty, Zeena Parkins, David Weinstein, Nick Didkovsky, Gen Ken Montgomery, 99 Hooker, Hoppy Kamiyama, Elise Kermani, David Linton, Hahn Rowe, Ron Anderson & The Molecules, Jason Kao Hwang, Liminal Projects, Anney Bonney, Barbara Held, Eugene Thacker, Bill Etra and dozens of other artists. As his alter-ego "Valued Cu$tomer", Benton-C has pursued a parallel live omnimedia career, co-founding the groups Lord Knows Compost (with Philip R. "Bulk Foodveyor" Bonner) and Stackable Thumb (with Jonathan "Naval Cassidy" Giles). Lord Knows Compost was founded in 1983, and works mostly with video, music, web art, comix, animatronic puppetry, long-term food decay and Class "Insecta". The live A/V duo Stackable Thumb performs rapid-change slapstick with an array of low tech and broken machinery in an ongoing lament over the failure of the Space Program to bring space flight to the people. Benton-C Bainbridge has performed, screened, streamed, broadcast and installed video world wide over the wires and airwaves and in museums, galleries, clubs, colleges and festivals including the Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris (NYC), Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Mercat des les Flores (Barcelona), Uplink Factory (Tokyo), Anthology Film Archives (NYC), The Kitchen (NYC), Blasthaus (San Francisco), STEIM (Amsterdam), Metafort d'Aubervilliers (Paris), Miami Light Project, Dallas Video Festival, and Hotwired (World Wide Web). In 1997 Benton-C launched the website Pulsating OKAY! as an information nexus on realtime cinema and performed video. More recently he has been designing and constructing analog & digital A/V synthesis sytems with Bill Etra and designing 'Movie Jukeboxes' with various artists, engineers and programmers. In 2001, Benton-C will focus on video portraiture and experimental narratives.

Abigail Child is a film and video maker whose original montage pushes the envelope of sound-image relations with sensitivity, smarts and passion. Her work in the 80s explores gender while focusing on strategies for rewriting narrative, creating the cult classics "Mayhem" and "Covert Action" while her 1990s productions recuperate documentary to poetically explore public space. Her recent film Surface NOISE (2000) was featured at the New York Film Festival last fall and her new DARK DARK (2001) premiered at this year1s NYFF. o She has exhibited her award-winning art extensively in both solo and group shows, including The American Century, 1950-2000 at the Whitney Museum, the Whitney Biennial (1989 + 97), the New York Film Festival & Video Side Bar (1989 + 1993), and the London, Rotterdam, Pesaro, and Torino Film Festivals, among others. She is author of several books of poetry (A Motive for Mayhem, Mob and Scatter Matrix most recently). Her films have been shown on television both here and abroad and for her media work, Child has received Fellowships from the Guggenheim and Fulbright Foundations, ITVS "American Narratives", NEA Interarts, the Jerome Foundation, Massachusetts Arts Council, Creative Artists Foundations, and multiple grants from from New York Foundation for the Arts and New York State Council for the Arts. Her films are in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Centre Pompidou, Paris: her work has been written about in The New York Times, The Village Voice, LA Times, AfterImage, LA Weekly, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Toronto Globe among others. Child studied History & Literature at Radcliffe College and graduated with a MFA from Yale University School of the Arts. She has taught film/video production & history at various schools, including New York University School of the Arts, San Francisco Art Institute, Hampshire College and Sarah Lawrence, as well as a writing workshop at the Kootenay School of Writing in Vancouver (1991). She is currently Chair of the Film Area at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston.

SELECTED WORKS IN FILM, VIDEO + NEW MEDIA (Director, Producer, Camera & Editor unless indicated)

200- PLAYLIST, (web work/installation in progress) w/Benton Bainbridge + Eric Rosenzweig
200- WHERE THE GIRLS ARE (film/installation in progress)
2001 DARK DARK, Part 2 How the World Works (l6mm film)
2000 SURFACE NOISE , Part 1, How The World Works (16mm film)
1999 BELOW THE NEW: A Russian Chronicle (video)
1999 CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (script for ITVS "American Stories") w/M. Ragona
1996 B/SIDE (16mm film)
1994 THROUGH THE LOOKING LASS (video) w/Lenora Champagne
1993 SWAMP SONGS (interactive video performance) w/Benton Bainbridge, Vicky Funari + Ikue Mori
1992 EIGHT MILLION (video album) w/Ikue Mori
1990 SWAMP (video) w/ Sarah Schulman
1989 MERCY, Part 7, Is This What You Were Born For?
1988 BOTH, Part 3 "
1987 MAYHEM, Part 6 "
1986 PERILS, Part 4 "
1984 COVERT ACTION, Part 5 "
1983 MUTINY, Part 2 "
1981 PREFACES, Part 1. Is This What You Were Born For?
1972 GAME

New York Film Festival premiere DARK DARK (2001); NYFF‹SURFACE NOISE (2000); also Rotterdam Film Festival; Black Maria Film Festival Award; Images Film Festival; Eastman House; Pandaemonium Biennial Lux Centre, London. The Color of Ritual, The Color of Thought: Avantgarde Women Filmmakers 1930-2000 at the Whitney Museum of American Art (Fall 2000); The American Century 1950-2000 at the Whitney Museum (B/side and Born For? series); purchase of complete Born For? by The Museum of Modern Art, NYC (1999).

Fritz Donnelly
"writer/director Fritz Donnelly . . . a sociopath" --Seattle Weekly '00
"Fritz Donnelly . . . poised and lucid" --The Tablet '00
"bizarre, funny, Andy-Kaufman like" --Seattle Weekly '01
Fritz Donnelly is a graduate of the Modern Culture and Media Department of Brown University. He has written and directed feature films (Blue Lobster), short work (To the Hills), airs a public television program in Manhattan every Thursday at midnight on Channel 56, and has performed on the D,Q to Brooklyn. Mr. Donnelly was also the primary campaign adviser to Mr. Frank Delaware, available at www.frankdelaware.com

Naval Cassidy is an instant cinema artist who works with groups Stackable Thumb and Naval Cassidy and the Hands of Orlak, a new group that combines live video with live percussion. His video works and performances have traveled the world; most recently in Berlin, Ottowa, Dallas, and Hamburg.
In 1993, Cassidy won a Jerome Foundation grant to create a world wide web site called "The Miserable Racetrack" that was at the time one of the few web based artworks. Recently, he began doing gallery shows and small performances at the Williamsburg Front Room. He calls this chamber video, trying to emphasize the possibilities of small intimate exhibitions/performances for up to four people at a time.

willy mal is a pseudonym for New York based writer-researcher.

Since the mid 1980's willy mal has been developing the idea of "deflective" media. An early piece was "Papal Rap" which was featured at the "Popening" in San Francisco, 1987, and the Progressive Film and Video Festival, Berkeley, 1987.

Since 2000, he's worked to promote and produce purely "deflective" media, including "exoptic fields" which has been marketed as an "art product for home use" a "video to end all videos" in the Utne Reader. The "exoptic fields" video was also featured at the November 2000 Transcinema art show at the Here Art Gallery, NYC.

Most recently mal organized the "deflective art and media extravaganza" at the Chashama space in Times Square, NYC, that ran through January 2002 He has installed "deflective media" storefronts around Manhattan since Spring 2001. Other storefront commissions include those at "schikaneder" gallery-cafe in Vienna, Austria, opened 4 January 2002, and at "gallerythe.org" in Brooklyn, NY, opened 23 January through 7 March 2002. He also designed and runs this website.
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