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the blind eye projects' mission
The project advocates a complete aesthetic reversal, where experiments in "deflection" and de-stimulation might lead to a practical, even decorative, liberatory aesthetic for our time. How else do you respond as we hurl into a world where everyone may soon receive upon demand all the info /entertainment she/he may ever desire!?

To this end, the project seeks to promote techniques for benign sensory negation, "deflection," in electronic media. Such deflective media strive to subtract all stimulation. And by so reversing the fundamental principle of nearly all media, which is attraction/stimulation, the project seeks to provoke radical departures in media and design on par with those that followed the development of impressionist painting and the discovery of microbial life.

In this regard the project is like any previous avant-garde. Only more so. It proposes nothing less than the final avant garde. It proposes completely flipping Art and Media on their heads, as these have been understood throughout human history.




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